Posted by TasmaNet , on September 25th, 2020
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TasmaNet welcomes an initiative by nbn to increase the availability of cost-effective fibre connectivity to more than 700,000 businesses nationally

Schools and businesses in nbn Business Fibre Zones around the country will now be able to access superfast Internet and networking at prices previously only enjoyed by their big city competitors, most with no fibre installation costs. 

TasmaNet CEO Rob Vernon said that the fibre zones will help more Australians benefit from the significant public investment in the national broadband network. 

“Businesses outside of the large city CBDs are accustomed to having to put up with limited and over-priced options for critical Internet, phone, and networking services. New nbn wholesale pricing means we can deliver a 100/100 Mbps connection in regional locations for closer to $400 per month than the $800 per month price previously on offer.*”

“Access to $0 fibre build costs and CBD pricing for high speed connectivity over a dedicated fibre connection levels the playing field for regional business of every size so they can focus on getting back to business and rebuilding their community’s economy.” 

TasmaNet connected the first nbn Enterprise Ethernet service in Australia and specialises in delivering dependable fibre connectivity to regional schools and businesses seeking an alternative to costly alternatives offered by the legacy telcos. 

“Superfast fibre connectivity allows TasmaNet to connect customers in every Australian state from our base in Hobart and we’re passionate about helping other regional organisations unlock their potential with remote working, video conferencing, telehealth, secure offsite backup, and cutting-edge software for business and education,” Mr Vernon said. 

“We’re putting together some great value offers so that regional Australia can kick off the shackles of expensive and unreliable Internet and connect to more customers, no matter where they do business.”

* Pricing and availability is subject to nbn site qualification and varies by location and contract term. Learn more about nbn Enterprise Ethernet or contact the TasmaNet Sales Team for a quote at your location.


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