• TasmaNet Business Grade nbn
    Business Voice
    A powerful and flexible way to connect to your customers
  • TasmaNet Business Grade nbn
    Unlock their potential with superfast dedicated fibre
  • TasmaNet Business Grade nbn
    High-level threat protection across your entire network

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Why are people choosing TasmaNet nbn™?

TasmaNet Super-fast network

Super-fast network

Is fast data download mission critical for your business? We provision plans from 25Mbps up to 1Gbps tiers to meet your requirements.

TasmaNet lower contention rates than telcos

Low contention ratios

Crowded internet is as bad for business as traffic gridlock. We don't over subscribe our plans like other providers.

TasmaNet Australian based support

Australia-based support

Our support teams know our products inside out, based in Australia and are available around the clock.

TasmaNet network Technology

Network technology

We're experts at connecting businesses everywhere, and we'll help you get the best outcome whether you are on wireless or fibre.

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