Intelligent business communications 

TasmaNet Business Voice combines the powerful features of a cloud-based virtual PBX with the flexibility of scalable SIP trunking, all powered by the same unlimited, uncrowded business grade connectivity our customers rely on for critical data.

Make and take calls with your number anywhere using our quality hardware, softphone, and mobile app options.  

Connect your team to your customers 

We offer flexible solutions, making it easy to connect new staff or handle seasonal call spikes. Quickly add or remove channels, handsets, and softphone applications. You can bring your current telephone numbers and customise the virtual PBX call routing features so that calls seamlessly get to the right person every time, whether they’re on site or mobile. 

Need fax? Our Business Fax option lets you easily send and receive faxes using any business email.

Why choose Business Voice from TasmaNet?

Our virtual PBX and SIP trunking solution is powered by unlimited and uncrowded business grade TasmaNet connectivity.

Get expert local support from our 100% Australian service desk and trusted service partners - wherever you do business.

Streamline your business by choosing quality TasmaNet data, voice, video, and fax connectivity solutions billed on one monthly invoice.

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