Posted by TasmaNet , on October 28th, 2019
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TasmaNet has won accreditation to the NSW Government’s select Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements panel, and signed three additional partners. They are Orkestra, Bunch Digital and Alchemy Solutions. 

“NSW Government accreditation is a stellar result for us,” said TasmaNet CEO Elizabeth Aris. “It will accelerate our aggressive expansion across Australia, supported by highly qualified telecommunications partners.” 

TasmaNet offers symmetrical Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps to businesses across Australia using nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet (EE) technology, with dedicated fibre installed to each site. This new nbn product is significantly less expensive than previously available fibre offered by the larger telcos. 

“TasmaNet’s appointment to the NSW panel demonstrates our competitiveness with the major telcos,” said Aris. “Our long relationship with the Tasmanian Government, proven success in leading the market nationally to deliver nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet to councils and schools, and our lean and agile structure enable us to deliver the fast, high quality customer service that NSW Government customers expect.” 

Unlike some major competitors, TasmaNet is 100% committed to deploying fibre services to business, enterprise and government customers over the nbn™ access network to maximise Australian taxpayer investment in the technology. 

TasmaNet utilises a custom-built data lake to determine nbn™ access network availability at customer locations. This enables rapid qualification of nbn™ services that can be deployed to NSW Government sites, providing decision makers full insight into the connectivity options and associated price points. TasmaNet also leverages its direct relationship with nbn to request site capability upgrades on behalf of customers. 

Resourceful partners 

Ms Aris said: “We are appointing resourceful partners with communications expertise in servicing organisations including financial services, education and retail, in fact all organisations that work with large files and depend on high speed uncontended Internet. 

“Orkestra, Bunch Digital and Alchemy Solutions all fit perfectly into our expansion plans, and we welcome them as TasmaNet partners.” 

Orkestra services Queensland areas and regional Victoria, where TasmaNet sees a market often ignored by the big telcos that is crying out for specialist business connectivity. 

“Businesses need their digital transformation foundations to be spot on, and TasmaNet will achieve this for our customers. We have begun to ‘bridge the gap’ for regional communities since TasmaNet’s technology allows us to take full advantage of Australia’s $52b investment in a national fibre optic network. 

We are excited to have brought the Enterprise Ethernet product into our mix, and are amazed to see how nbn can deliver 1Gbps/1Gbps so cost effectively.” 

Soren Reichelt, CEO, Orkestra 

Bunch Digital is targeting large to major enterprises across Melbourne and Sydney. 

“We offer clients innovative products and services to transform and grow their organisations, and optimal performance is closely aligned to their network speeds and infrastructure. Leveraging TasmaNet’s Enterprise Ethernet service allows us to achieve maximised and cost effective returns on customers’ technology investment.” 

Matt Hannebery, Director, Bunch Digital   

Alchemy Solutions services corporate and enterprise customers in Melbourne and surrounding areas. 

“With TasmaNet’s technology we can reach into new customer domains, such as the utilities and retail sectors. We support value-add to clients in consulting services for cloud migration and adoption, providing stickiness by providing complementary services on top of a client’s network. 

Businesses using cloud need proper bandwidth for IP voice, video conferencing and Office 365. Apps like this require reliable and fast bandwidth, which delivers synergy for both Alchemy and TasmaNet.”

Luke Stow, CEO, Alchemy Solutions 

Partners interested in working with TasmaNet can find out more information here


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