Posted by TasmaNet , on November 27th, 2019
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Geography is just another subject on the curriculum and no longer a factor limiting Tasmanian students’ access to superfast internet speeds, thanks to TasmaNet Enterprise Ethernet. The new product uses nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet technology to deliver symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gbps over dedicated fibre and levels the playing field for schools struggling with internet speeds vastly inferior to those enjoyed by peers in large metro areas. 

TasmaNet connected the first nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet service in Australia, for independent Hobart girls’ school St Michael’s Collegiate, in January 2019. Collegiate Director of ICT, Mr Tim Innes- Brown, said that the upgrade delivered immediate benefits as well as positioning the school to meet future connectivity needs. 

“As a school, we place a high focus on STEM and 21st century skills. Having a fast reliable internet connection is of paramount importance to this. Enterprise Ethernet gives us a better class of connection and a cheaper price than we currently have. More long term, we are a multi campus school, and Enterprise Ethernet will eventually give us the ability to network our campuses in a way that provides a high level of reliability, redundancy and connectivity,” Mr Innes-Brown said.

TasmaNet has since placed an order to connect 29 services around the state for Catholic Education Tasmania, significantly increasing the data transfer rates possible over existing school internet connections. Executive Director of Catholic Education in Tasmania, John Mula, said the new deal with TasmaNet offers significant benefits to students and the wider community. 

“The capability of delivering 1 Gbps speed over dedicated fibre to each school site offers a platform that will enhance learning and teaching opportunities for students irrespective of the geographical location of our schools,” Mr Mula said. 

TasmaNet Board member and former KPMG Partner Martin Rees said that education was just one sector that would benefit from the connectivity upgrade offered by nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet. 

“TasmaNet is delighted to be the first to bring this new product to market, not least because it demonstrates how world-class connectivity helps overcome historical barriers limiting full participation in education and business by regional populations,” Mr Rees said.  

“Superfast Internet helps us to compete for business globally from our Tasmanian base, just as TasmaNet Enterprise Ethernet is helping students in our home state receive the same high quality education as their peers elsewhere in Australia.” 

My vision is that through the use of Enterprise Ethernet, we will be able to create an infrastructure that is fault tolerant across campuses, meaning that we can continue to educate students in the 21st century manner that is deeply engrained within the school.
Tim Innes-Brown, Director of ICT, St Michael's Collegiate School


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