Connecting students with equal opportunity learning.

"Transitioning to business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet has dramatically improved our schools’ ability to access high-speed connectivity, regardless of their location. This has helped us to create the digitally advanced learning environments that underpin a modern, content-rich STEM education, and increase digital equity across our schools. Our students can now access online learning services and applications that weren’t an option before. Our teachers have also benefited from increased opportunities for their professional learning."

-Astrid Goss, IT Manager, Catholic Education Tasmania

Traditionally, schools in metropolitan areas have enjoyed better access to high-speed connectivity and digital learning, compared to their regional and remote counterparts. Catholic Education Tasmania (CET) – a school network operating 38 schools and colleges across Tasmania – wasn’t content to let geography determine the online opportunities available at its schools.

Spanning early learning to Year 12, in small towns like Deloraine to the north through to the state capital Hobart in the south, CET aims to offer students from all backgrounds a quality education.

"We believe students need equal opportunity,” says Lauren McCallum, deputy principal at Holy Rosary Catholic School in Claremont, a suburb of Hobart. “The digital learning landscape is changing, so it’s more important than ever that we achieve what we call ‘digital equity’ for our students.”

For Holy Rosary Catholic School, and other schools in the CET network, this meant ensuring a learning environment that could tap into the best of modern educational tools. The only hiccup? The internet connectivity at some of those schools.

“We had different schools on different internet connections with different bandwidths, and it created a disparity of service,” says Astrid Goss, IT Manager at CET. “It meant that many of our regional or remote schools were unable to use the same type of tools and education systems that our metropolitan schools were able to use.”

CET embarked on a journey with TasmaNet to roll out the business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet solution to 26 locations across Tasmania, connecting them to access high-speed connectivity, regardless of their location.  The roll-out has helped create the digitally advanced learning environments that underpin a modern, content-rich STEM education CET’s ability to centrally manage schools’ connections across its complex, multi-site network in regional Tasmania.

It’s now able to roll out updated enterprise, cloud-based systems for student information and finance, with the same benefits available for every school.

How did we help?

Connected sites to super-fast nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet, enabling reliable and secure connectivity 

Delivered a single, cohesive, and secure Managed Private Network, ensuring Quality of Service (QOS) and application performance

Protected and secured sensitive staff & student information with our Firewall-as-a-service