From Songlines to Cyberlines with Enterprise Ethernet

Yii Worimi Barray Yii Wanyimbu Wanyimbu

(This is Worimi Country Always and Forever)

The Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council sits on the Traditional Lands of the Worimi; the Original Custodians of the Land and Waterways. We walk in the footsteps of our Ancestors and Elders; who path the way to a sustainable Cultural, Social and Commercial landscape that protects, promotes and fosters the best interests of our Members and community.
We acknowledge our Elders Past and Present.

As members of the one of the oldest continual cultures in the world, Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) is tasked with bringing tens of thousands of years’ worth of knowledge, tradition and custodianship into the modern age. Worimi LALC owns and manages the Worimi Conservation Lands, a 4200-hectare park located in New South Wales between Newcastle and Port Stephens.

The park sees up to 45,000 visitors each year, with plans to grow this number significantly in the coming years. 

With their existing ADSL2 internet not adequate to support their growing needs, Worimi LALC worked with TasmaNet and our Channel Partner Excel IT to connect to a business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet solution.

The Enterprise Ethernet solution is scalable, enabling Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council to use the full range of network speeds and features as they grow their digital capabilities, and as they build their interactive exhibition space in the near future.

Worimi LALC can now move ahead with our plans for a new interactive centre with confidence knowing that nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet plan will be able to handle workloads into the future.

"We can now move ahead with our plans for the new interactive centre with confidence, knowing that our chosen business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet plan will be able to handle the demands that the centre is likely to place on our network. We can’t wait to build a new experience that engages with visitors and helps them to see and feel more about Aboriginal stories, experiences and our culture.”

Andrew Smith, CEO at Worimi LALC  

How did we help?

We worked with local partners to bring local knowledge and support to the project 

Future-proofed the site with Enterprise Ethernet - a scalable solution to ensure growth is possible

Collaborated to create and deliver a solution unique to the client's needs, with the products they required