TasmaNet’s goal is to meet and surpass your core business and service-level requirements.  We bring industry­—leading technologies and systems management practices to your business.

Through partnering with TasmaNet, any business can expect:

  • Increase your Return on Investment (ROI): replace capex with usage—based recurrent expenditure.
  • Achieve greater budget transparency: regain financial control, consistency and predictability
  • Mitigate knowledge risks: retention of core knowledge and costs of continual up-skilling.
  • Reduce support costs: streamline management of applications and infrastructure through more effective operations and procurement
  • Improve service delivery and scope: adopt and rapidly deploy clever and agile technologies, without budget or skills constraints.
  • Ensure business continuity: reduce downtime, increase access and availability, create a positive, consistent working environment.
  • Guard your critical information: adopt highly resilient and secure data storage and backup strategies.
  • Improve operating efficiencies
  • Maximise resource utilisation: improve the quality and timeliness of services to end users
  • Re-focus IT: better planning and future-proofing, targeted resource allocation.

TasmaNet has the technology and know-how to enable our customers to adopt and utilise technology for greater business success. 100% Tasmanian owned and operated, TasmaNet knows Tasmania and the Tasmanian business ‘landscape’.



Your digital gateway to the world


The Internet is the portal between your business and the world.

TasmaNet has a range of products to match the requirements of all business, community and regional sectors:

Data Centre Internet

If your business has infrastructure in a Tasmanian Data Centre then DC Internet is for you! Each data centre has redundant electronics and multiple, diverse path fibres.  DC Internet can be scaled up or down to meet your capacity requirements.

Corporate Internet

Is your business outgrowing your current provider? Why not move up to TasmaNet’s corporate grade Internet! Because TasmaNet owns their own network across Tasmania, we offer one price for all regions: Burnie, Ulverstone, Devonport, Launceston or Huonville, the same price list for affordable, local enterprise—quality Internet.

Small Business Internet

Small business, home office? Do you need better than ADSL, faster uploads and dependable performance? Talk to our staff today, we can help you access the digital resources you need, when you need them.

We can help. Go on, just ask.

Managed Private Network

In all business, successful communications are fundamental to success. 

TasmaNet have been providing Managed Private Networks for 10 years, enabling diverse organisations to access their business information resources reliably and efficiently across Tasmania, in CBDs and regional areas, and across the mainland.

Seamless connectivity between offices, data centres and cloud services is vital for any business. No other organisation is more focused on delivering outcomes for customers than the team at TasmaNet.  No organisation is better at delivering sophisticated integration and scalable solutions like TasmaNet.

We can help. Go on, just ask.

Cloud Services

Challenge your assumption!!

Business can now be free from unpredictable demands on capital for ICT and expenditure for on-premise IT resources, infrastructure and support.  Cloud Services lets your business re-focus on its core business and market opportunities.

IT in business today is no longer defined in terms of operating system support, technical skills, OS patching, data management, storage, connectivity, user-environment, accessibility and software selection.  Businesses using Cloud Services drive and control their systems access, performance, integration and business awareness, without owning or managing the technology.

Working with TasmaNet, your business can now define its requirements for communications, key service priorities and operational processes, and TasmaNet will rapidly respond with focused solutions and strategies to:

  • Deliver a focused and predictable ICT budget with usage based costs and built-in upgrade paths.
  • Enhance interaction between IT and Business units.
  • Ensure access to a comprehensive range of IT resources, skills and knowledge that flexes with business growth and expansion.
  • Mitigate risks associated with retention of staff and knowledge, and costs of continual up-skilling

If you would like to talk to us about a partnership in delivering outcomes through technology for your business, click here.

Data Centres

Cost Effective & Scalable Solutions

To meet the demands of small business and large enterprises alike. TasmaNets data centre facilities offer a range of services where you can select a precise combination of options to suit business needs, including availability, redundancy, power, environment performance, security and managed support services.


  • Improve business efficiency, enabling re-focussing of resources on core business activities
  • Reduce the risk of business interruption
  • Cost effective, high value services. Cool climate means lower demand on environment systems, lowering costs and risks of hardware stress
  • Powered by sustainable, carbon free Tasmanian hydro electricity
  • Better manage costs for ICT infrastructure by flattening expenditure pattern, reducing peaks in capital expenditure and shifting costs off balance sheet
  • Responsive and secure corporate systems and data, highly resilient and redundant

Efficiency and Sustainable Operation

DC3 is based on a modular and scalable Data Centre architecture, with the primary focus on optimising:

  • Space utilisation in white and grey space
  • Equipment sizing & selection for highest operating efficiency
  • The reduction in the carbon footprint with eco-friendly free-cooling and energy efficient technologies, products and practices.


Stay in touch with what your environment is doing through our monitoring portal or smart-phone application!


Located in the security of the Hobart Technology Park.

Go on, just ask.

Business Continuity & Backup

When things go wrong, does your business have a plan for a disaster?  Why not prepare a solution now, and adopt a preventative approach to managing these inevitable circumstances. TasmaNet have services to help you identify risks and develop risk awareness.   Together, we can secure your business risk through our Disaster Recovery and Remote Backup/Replication services.

Network Appliances

The cost of staying up to date with the latest hardware, training and functionality is not sustainable for a lot of companies. 

TasmaNet offer Network Appliances as a service, enabling businesses to have predictability of budget and reassurance that enterprise grade technology can be adopted for communications and applications.

At TasmaNet we can provided Managed Solutions for:

  • Router
  • Firewall
  • Load Balancer

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