TasmaNet maintains the security, integrity and reliability of your corporate ICT infrastructure using clever, cost-effective, technologies.

We offer highly secure, best-practice cloud IaaS/SaaS housed within our Tier2+ Data Centre DC3(tm).  We deliver over our carrier-class private networks across multiple locations with thousands of users, including those  remote geographic regions.  TasmaNet provide turn-key cloud solutions tailored to your demanding corporate needs. Our unique infrastructure network allows us to do this without compromising quality, speed and reliability.

100% Tasmanian owned and operated, TasmaNet connects businesses state wide using one of Tasmania’s largest privately owned data communications infrastructure networks.

The TasmaNet Way


Your Digital Gateway to the World

The internet is the linkage between your business and the world.

Successful communications are caveat to successful business.

TasmaNet is a 100% Tasmanian Owned Telecommunications Carrier covering Tasmania, with capacity on convergent and complimentary communications technologies including; fibre-optic, wireless, copper and mobile broadband via multi-leg backhaul, connecting multiple distribution points, in Tasmania, extending across the mainland and beyond.

let us  provide your business with the most reliable, scalable communications backbone available.

To connect to your Business we deliver through to the best last mile networks the world has to offer!!

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Managed Networks

Connecting your organisations resources.

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Cloud Solutions

Challenge your assumptions…

Business now functions ‘better’ without a server-rack in the office.

Big Industry has been using the Cloud concept for years and yet still the market maintains ambiguity in light of a proven model with irrefutable windfalls.

Your business stands on the precipice of a bright future and the ability to flex and grow with agile market demands.

  • DR – Disaster recovery
  • Replication- Statewide and offshore
  • IaaS – Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • BaaS – Backup-as-a-Service
  • DaaS – Desktop-as-a-Service
  • UC – Unified Communications

The cloud awaits,  and we can help.

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Data Centres

Cost Effective & Scalable Solutions

To meet the demands of small business and large enterprises alike. TasmaNet’s data centre facilities offer a range of services where you can select a precise combination of options to suit business needs, including availability, redundancy, power, environment performance, security and managed support services.


  • Improve business efficiency, enabling re-focussing of resources on core business activities
  • Reduce the risk of business interruption
  • Cost effective, high value services.  Cool climate means lower demand on environment systems, lowering costs and risks of hardware stress
  • Powered by sustainable, carbon free Tasmanian hydro electricity
  • Better manage costs for ICT infrastructure by flattening expenditure pattern, reducing peaks in capital expenditure and shifting costs off balance sheet
  • Responsive and secure corporate systems and data, highly resilient and redundant

Efficiency and Sustainable Operation

DC3 is based on a modular and scalable Data Centre architecture, with the primary focus on optimising:

  • Space utilisation in white and grey space
  • Equipment sizing & selection for highest operating efficiency
  • The reduction in the carbon footprint with eco-friendly free-cooling and energy efficient technologies, products and practices.


Stay in touch with what your environment is doing through our monitoring portal or smart-phone application!


Located in the security of the Hobart Technology Park.

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Business Process

You define success. We will help you get there.

TasmaNet provide Business-Process-as-a-Service to enable your team to innovate, compete and improve efficiency.

Through partnership TasmaNet can play a role in transforming your processes enabling your  business to:

  • Increase Return on investment
  • Achieve greater transparency and predictability of budget
  • Mitigate RISK associated with retention of core knowledge, and costs of continual up-skilling.
  • Reduce support costs for applications and infrastructure through more effective operations and procurement
  • Enable services to be improved and expanded through clever, cost-effective technologies
  • Meet business requirements by reducing downtime, creating a positive impact on the working environment
  • Improve operating efficiencies for the organization
  • Improve the delivery of services to the business units
  • Deliver more focus for IT planning and future-proofing
  • Assure access to broader range of IT skills and knowledge to meet business growth and expansion.
  • Strengthen business continuity

TasmaNet bring to the market; the delivery of Business Processes using a consumption based pricing model.

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Lets look at the Stack!!


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