Terms & Conditions

TasmaNet services are provided under the terms and conditions contained in our Master Services Agreement, the Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA), the Service Schedules for particular services, and any conditions set out on the Service Order for requested services.

To remove any inconsistency between these documents, the order of priority of interpretation is as follows:

  1. the Service Order Form
  2. the Service Schedule applicable to your service
  3. the Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) or the Master Services Agreement terms

For example, your Service Order Form may specify a minimum Subscription Term for your service, or the Services Schedule for your particular service may specify a cancellation fee applicable to that service that is calculated differently to the method set out in the SFOA or Master Services Agreement. In each case, the Service Order Form or Service Schedule terms take precedence over the SFOA or the Master Services Agreement.

The SFOA applies to our small and medium business customers, and the Master Services Agreement applies to our enterprise business customers.

Download Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) - Summary

Download Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA)

Download TasmaNet MSA – Standard Sept 2017

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