Veeam Cloud Connect

Secure Backups

Reliable off-site backup and storage is the key to the data security of any business. TasmaNet Telco is proud to have partnered with Veeam to offer its Cloud Connect platform as a single, secure cloud backup and storage solution for our customers.

Simplify Your Offsite Backups

We host a Veeam Cloud Connect repository in our data centre, providing a secure, offsite backup of your company’s data that is still local to the state.

Reduce Traffic

Veeam Cloud Connect’s built-in WAN acceleration, BitLooker™ and replica seeding capabilities reduce your overall backup-related network traffic.

No Unexpected Costs

Our Veeam Cloud Connect subscription plans make it easy to identify which plan fits for your business.

Top Features

Complete Visibility and Control

Access and recover your backups quickly and simply with Veeam Cloud Connect’s backup console, without the hassle of dealing with physical media.

A Modern Backup Architecture

Veeam Cloud Connect simplifies the needs of modern backup solutions by bundling services like forever incremental backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies, and WAN acceleration.

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