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The NBN has unlocked unparalleled access for businesses throughout Tasmania. Access to customers and markets anywhere on the planet. Access for collaboration, sharing data, community engagement, social media… the opportunities are endless.

Business is transforming at an incredible pace, yet we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible - or fully understand what’s yet to come. And the one question all our customers ask is: “How do I capitalise on the opportunities of the digital economy while keeping my business safe?”

To help answer that question, TasmaNet invites you to hear from two leaders in their fields that will give you the inspiration and confidence to balance security and opportunity in a connected world.

Harper Reed - Disruption Evangelist

When we went looking for a speaker who could capture even a glimpse of what this new world offers for business, Harper was top of our list.

Harper Reed has capitalised on the interaction of people, internet and business. Focusing on the relationship between transactions, user interface and commercial goals, he has flipped traditional on its head through a number of successful companies and engagements stretching from Threadless.com to his game-changing role as CTO of the Obama for America election campaign:

  • CTO / Threadless.com: Let’s sell T-Shirts, but let people take control of the design and look! Threadless completely blurred the line between the roles of producer and consumer.
  • Founder / Modest, Inc: A start-up that built retail solutions for mobile devices. Where is it today? Via Braintree this relaunched as PayPal Commerce.
  • CTO / Obama for America: First US election campaign to raise more than $1 billion. How? Harper used technology and lots of data to connect and understand people… and link them to Obama's message.

Michael Warnock – Security Specialist

Cyber Security is a critical issue every business must consider. But security is not just an IT problem! So, who's problem is it? Actually, is it even a problem?

Introducing Michael Warnock, Country Manager for Kordia Solutions Australia and TasmaNet partner when it comes to Business Security. Michael will share insights and the high-level steps every business must take to understand cyber security.

Why did TasmaNet choose to team up with Kordia? Kordia have been delivering security in New Zealand for a long time, working with all levels of government and business. New Zealand gained access to high speed broadband some years earlier than Tasmania, giving them a head start in tackling the complexities and security risks that accompany increased connectivity and reliance on data.

Kordia’s cyber security division, Aura Information Security, won Best Security Company in the 2017 iSANZ awards.

We think there’s much to learn from people with real-world experience successfully navigating the security journey Tasmanian businesses are embarking on today, and we’re lucky to benefit from Michael’s 20+ years of local and international industry experience.

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