Seamless Networks

CORE Software Defined Networking (SDN) seamlessly connects disparate systems, delivering a simple-to-use network for your staff and customers. Your data centre, digital services, and remote offices are presented as part of a single borderless dynamic network, no matter where they’re physically located. Integrate your existing network infrastructure with new CORE services without fuss, as though they were present on your active network. Simply integrate with multitenant environments without compromising security or performance. Core delivers on the fundamental understanding that our ecosystem benefits do not stop at the data centre. Our Integrated Cloud Network is a clean, secure, and robust foundation for you to access CORE Digital Services, both via WAN and the internet.


Access to Core IaaS Platform requires only a single connection between your site, and a Core Point-of-Presence (POP), providing easy access to all cloud nodes.


Core Integrated Cloud Networks makes it easy to move existing IT workloads to the Cloud. What was once a costly and time-consuming task is now easy as you can migrate all the information from your network and applications.

You can also easily move Virtual Servers and Data around Core Cloud Nodes for Disaster Recovery, Test and Development or providing duplicated Virtual Servers into 2 locations architected for High Availability.


Both Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionality means you don’t need to re-architect your applications nor your network to use TasmaNet Core. Making it easy and cost-effective to extend your network.

Top Features

Overlay Networks

Get enhanced security of overlay networks for Cloud Services across hypervisors, network hardware, physical DCs and the Public Cloud.

Security Zones

If you choose, Core allows you to define your own security zones and application infrastructure.

Safe Migration

Defining your own security zones greatly reduces the risk of cloud migration and use – for example moving data between Cloud nodes.

Leverage Policy-Based Software

Core ICN employs overlay networking technology that leverages the capabilities of policy based software defined networking; which interoperates with any cloud platform, any hypervisor on any underlying hardware or network provider. The software enables secure policy-based multi-tenant dynamic cloud environments across any Data Centre or Branch location.

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