TasmaNet Core Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Intelligent Cloud Capabilities

TasmaNet Core’s extensive experience in developing and refining our cloud services enables us to provide your business with intelligent and sensitive Cloud IaaS and Cloud Portal capabilities.

We are continually improving our Cloud platform to better meet your business’s unique set of requirements, ensuring it is flexible, adaptable and therefore cost-effective.

We empower you to free up more of your IT department’s time so they can get on with more important things.

Our Core IaaS infrastructure is spread across multiple data centres, ensuring fast, secure and flexible service.

Be Supported

Whether your’re working day or night we’re working with you. We manage infrastructure that supports your business applications with very high availability, this limits IT outages and subsequent downtime and costs to your business.

Stay Focussed

Using Core IaaS allows your staff to focus on your specific business applications rather than managing ‘commodity’ IT infrastructure. Only pay for what you need rather than trying to predict what you might need in the future.

Move Quickly

Make agile decisions about your business without worrying about infrastructure consequences. Let us handle your server provisioning, storage, and networking requirements.

Top Features

Self Service Portal

Selecting, procuring and provisioning services with a ‘shopping-cart’ experience. Includes delegation process flows so that you are fully aware of your costs.

Service Catalogue

We publish a range of Cloud Services that will be continually updated.

Cloud Performance Management

Set allocation policies and manage your resource pool. Predict resource consumption trends and make intelligent and informed decisions for your business with Capacity forecasting, Virtual Server performance statistics, easy access to history to better predict future resource needs and access to helpful trouble-shooting.

Cloud Billing and Analytics

Cost reporting, trend analysis, run what-if scenarios and predictive analytics on your cloud consumption.

Cloud Orchestration

Encompasses all the things that the cloud portal is doing to deploy your Virtual Servers. We take care of the details so you can get on with what you are best at.

Cloud Service Lifecycle Management

Lease time management, start and stop Virtual Servers, decommissioning, with business process flows. Consumption-based Virtual Servers make smarter use of your dollar and internal IT resource.

Cloud Change Management

Set your own rules for scheduling maintenance, defining compliance rules, change auditing, change request management and business process flows.

External Cloud Connector

Control your access to external cloud environments. TasmaNet Core Cloud Portal is the single central point for managing all your Cloud Services across TasmaNet’s private and public cloud e.g. Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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