Administrator Monitoring & Management Portal

Superior Capacity Forecasting

CORE built-in Administrator Monitoring & Management portal enables customers to strike the right balance between performance risk due to under-provisioned capacity and over-provisioned capacity that balloons your infrastructure costs couple this to the power to add governance that will place new resources effectively and maintain a right-sized environment.

Plan your future capacity needs with superior capacity forecasting based on historical trends of your customized business & infrastructure metrics as well as plan future capacity additions with what-if capacity modelling.
This new level of Intelligent Operations also empowers administrators to act on efficient detection of performance issues right down to the micro level of a single virtual machine in real time.

Be Informed

Get useful information fast. Generate and easily share custom reports with fellow users, or other systems. There is no latency between click and insight. Gather the data you need simply and quickly with simple, automated processes.

Control Your Budget

Our Cloud Archives provide the ability to proactively manage your cloud spending by monitoring archival usage. You can set the right budget for each user, group, department, or service, and identify problems early.

Stay a Step Ahead

Using data from your past, our Cloud Insights platform helps you to plan for the future. Be confident about where you’re going, and identify potential stumbling blocks before you reach them.

Top Features

Analytics and Insights

Create interactive and customisable dashboards. Uncover insights with recommendations in real-time ad-hoc data visualisation.

Extensible Reports

On top of powerful out-of-the-box reports, create your own customised reports with our simple drag-and-drop report builder. Share reports easily by exporting in your preferred file format.

Budgets and Alerts

Set your own completely customisable budget levels, at any level of your organisation, with customisable and automatic alerts to warn at any threshold level.


Depend on automatic trending based on real data. Choose from multiple trend models with cllear visualisation of trends and uncertainties.

Customisable Collection Intervals

Program customisable collection intervals with regular health-checks to monitor all collections.

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