nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet for Health

Advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions are accompanied by increasing demand from bandwidth-hungry applications such as video conferencing for telehealth, sophisticated practice management software, and fast transfer of large files for diagnostic imaging. 

Equally as pressing are the everyday connectivity requirements of the modern practice: dependable Internet for online appointment scheduling and access to eHealth records, IP telephony and fax solutions, secure multi-site networking, and provision of WiFi access for practitioners and patients.

Completing the puzzle is the maze of critical risk management and regulatory requirements to protect sensitive patient and practice data from unauthorised access and the unrelenting threat of cyber attack and ransomware infection.

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet from TasmaNet will help solve your current and future connectivity needs.

Why connectivity is critical for Health

Patients and practitioners depend on the secure and timely flow of data for the provision of safe, high-quality healthcare:

Multiple lines of communication

Dependable Internet, IP telephony, fax, secure networking, website appointments, and WiFi are essential services for General Practice, pharmacies, and other health practitioners.

Information Security

Preventing inappropriate access to sensitive patient data and protecting records from ransomware attack are critical everyday responsibilities for all health professionals. 

High bandwidth demand

Telehealth consultations, collaborative treatment, ehealth records, and large file transfers for diagnostic imaging are business as usual for a modern healthcare practice. 

How nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet can help

Symmetrical speeds from 10Mbps - 1Gbps 

Symmetrical superfast speeds power all communications, software applications, and networking your practice relies on.

Unlock cloud security solutions

Superfast speeds over fibre unlock cloud software, resilient networking, and secure cloud backup to eliminate the risk and cost of on-site servers.

Fibre direct to your door

Dedicated nbn™ fibre installed to your sites future-proofs against growing bandwidth demands without being shackled to a big telco's pricey private network.

Case Studies

St Michael's Collegiate School

The first nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet connection in Australia is helping connect 700 St Michael's Collegiate students across three campuses to a range of education resources. Read more

Benefits of nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

TasmaNet Sales Specialist Brendan Cooper describes how superfast, symmetrical nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is delivering educational and productivity benefits for his customers.

TasmaNet and Connectivity

We made our start helping rural and regional communities overcome geographical barriers to connectivity and the same mindset helps us lead the country with transformational Enterprise Ethernet.

Enterprise Ethernet was a logical choice for MyTyreSite. I've got 15 people relying on good connectivity and every outage is a loss to the business, so being able to get a single pipeline means we no longer have to share our connection. We opted to start with a smaller pipeline and I see us upgrading that pipeline as the business grows.

Jared Mendham, General Manager, MyTyreSite.com.au

Find out how your patients and practitioners can benefit from nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

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