Few organisations experience the rapidly escalating demand for dependable connectivity more acutely than schools and universities. Students learning with the aid of a personal laptop or tablet has become the norm, teachers use video conferencing to engage with pupils at multiple campuses simultaneously, and modern education relies on bandwidth-hungry applications like streaming video and cloud software to deliver the STEM curriculum essential for the next generation to thrive. 

TasmaNet connected the first nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet service anywhere in Australia for a Tasmanian school. Since then, we've created a secure, dependable network for Catholic Education Tasmania, delivering superfast, symmetrical speeds via dedicated fibre, and helping to overcome historical connectivity barriers so that students have the opportunity to reach their potential no matter where they go to school.

Why connectivity is critical for Education

Schools, colleges, and universities rely on dependable connectivity to deliver the modern education students need to thrive in a hyper-connected world:

High volume of connections

Classrooms full of devices connected all day during the school day are now business as usual, placing high demand on available bandwidth and testing network resiliancy.

Increasing use of video

Students streaming video on demand and teachers delivering lessons to another campus via video conferencing are integral components of a high quality, content-rich education. 

Frequent large file sharing

Collaborative learning and increased use of cloud applications to deliver a cutting-edge STEM curriculum make 24/7 access to files and information more critical than ever before. 

How nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet can help

Symmetrical speeds from 10Mbps - 1Gbps 

Genuine superfast Internet delivered over fibre meets constant school day demand and scales cost-effectively as capacity requirements grow.

Reliable speeds in peak times

Symmetrical speeds and dedicated fibre reliably handle bandwidth-hungry applications like video without the congestion of shared connections.

Fibre direct to your school

Deliver the 21st Century education your students deserve, wherever they go to school, without being shackled to costly private fibre from the big telcos.

Case Studies


Growing Tasmanian online business MyTyreSite.com.au is competing nationally and internationally thanks to dependable, symmetrical, high-speed Internet delivered over dedicated fibre.

Benefits of nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

TasmaNet Sales Specialist Brendan Cooper describes how superfast, symmetrical nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is delivering educational and productivity benefits for his customers.

TasmaNet and Connectivity

We made our start helping rural and regional communities overcome geographical barriers to connectivity and the same mindset helps us lead the country with transformational Enterprise Ethernet.

Transitioning to business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet has dramatically improved our schools’ ability to access high-speed connectivity, regardless of their location.

This has helped us to create the digitally advanced learning environments that underpin a modern, content-rich STEM education, and increase digital equity across our schools. Our students can now access online learning services and applications that weren’t an option before. Our teachers have also benefited from increased opportunities for their professional learning.

Astrid Goss, IT Manager, Catholic Education Tasmania

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