TasmaNet Business Grade nbn™ - built for business

The nbn™ is essential for business but not all nbn™ plans are built for business. Unlike the big telcos, we're business grade nbn specialists. TasmaNet Business nbn™ is built for customers that know that advertised download speeds don't mean much if your business data is competing with the neighbourhood Netflix traffic over a connection with too many subscribers. TasmaNet is an accredited nbn™ Wholesale Service Provider so we can control congestion at every level of the network to ensure that your Business nbn™ service meets your business expectations.

Unlimited Data

Focus on business without having your download speed slowed. Ask us how unlimited data lets you unlock cloud solutions like data backup, managed private networks, internet security, and software as a service to keep your business IT running seamlessly 24/7.


Our network capacity will keep your connection at peak speed whenever you're doing business. We tell you how many subscribers share your bandwidth and our contention ratios are amongst the best on offer. If your current internet provider doesn't advertise theirs, ask them why!


We'll help you choose the plan that meets your data usage, download speed, and network congestion expectations. Our Unlimited Business nbn™ plans include a free business grade modem, free fast installation, and expert local support from our service partners - wherever you are.

Why is TasmaNet Business Grade nbn™ the right solution?

Expected Data Usage

Unlimited data counts for nothing if you can’t use it. We’ll help you select the right plan speed and contention ratio to ensure that your business doesn’t get bogged down.


Is fast data download mission critical for your business? We provision plans at the 25Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 250Mbps, and 1000Mbps tiers to suit every kind of business.

Contention Ratio

Crowded internet is as bad for business as traffic gridlock. We don’t over subscribe our plans, unlike other providers we tell you how many subscribers share your bandwidth.

Network Technology

Not all nbn™ connections are equal. We’re experts at connecting businesses everywhere, and we’ll help you get the best outcome whether you’re on wireless or fibre.

Local Customer Service

Our local customer service team is ready assist you with all enquiries. Get expert local support from our service partners wherever you are.

Multiple Sites

Take the headaches out of connecting distributed sites together into a single, cohesive, and secure private network. Our global partnerships, allow us to connect you to your business assets anywhere in the world.

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Special Business Grade nbn™ & Business Voice Offer!

In conjunction with the launch of our new TasmaNet Business Voice product, our account managers are in a position to offer bundled pricing for our Business nbn™ and Business Voice products.