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Quality Internet is essential for every business but not all Internet plans are built for business. Unlike the big telcos, we're business Internet specialists. TasmaNet Business Internet is designed for customers that know that expected download speeds don't mean much if your business data is competing with the neighbourhood Netflix traffic over a connection with too many subscribers.

  • Choose the speed tier that meets your business needs
  • Unlimited data and business-friendly subscriber ratios
  • Power business voice, backup, and cloud software solutions
  • Available nationally; wherever you do business, we’ll connect you
  • 100% Australian support plus SLA upgrade options

If you're looking for great value business grade Internet delivered over nbn™ Fixed Line or Fixed Wireless connections without your business data getting gridlocked by residential traffic, choose one of our TasmaNet Business Internet plans. We deal directly with nbn™ so we control congestion at every level of the network to ensure that your nbn™ service delivers the business outcomes you expect. 

Connect Your Business Sites

We're also expert at building resilient and secure Managed Private Networks using the best connectivity options available, including the TasmaNet Wireless network we built to connect rural businesses left stranded by the big players.

Need more bandwidth for your business?

If your business depends on 24/7 superfast connectivity, TasmaNet delivers symmetrical upload and download speeds up to nearly 1 Gbps using nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet technology. Ask us today how you can upgrade to dedicated end-to-end fibre at your business, anywhere in Australia within the nbn™ fixed line footprint - and more than 3.8m sites nationally qualify for $0 nbn™ fibre installation!

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Please note that nbn™ has temporarily stopped accepting new orders for services delivered via HFC connection technology, due to a supply issue of components that are required to connect to the nbn™ HFC network. Visit the nbn™ FAQ or contact the TasmaNet sales team for more information.

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Please note that NBN Co has temporarily stopped accepting new orders for services delivered via HFC connection technology, due to a supply issue of components that are required to connect to the nbn™ HFC network. Visit the NBN Co FAQ or contact the TasmaNet sales team for more information.

Business Standard 50 or FW Plus $100 per month

  • nbn™ 50/20 or Fixed Wireless Plus Speed Tier
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • 30:1 Contention Ratio
  • Choose a Modem or BYO
  • $0 Connection Fee
  • Fixed Wireless HFC FTTN FTTC FTTB FTTP Connections
  • Minimum Cost $100 over 1 month
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Business Standard 250 $400 per month

  • nbn™ 250/100 Speed Tier
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • 30:1 Contention Ratio
  • Choose a Modem or BYO
  • $0 Connection Fee
  • FTTP
  • Minimum Cost $400 over 1 month
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Why choose Business Internet from TasmaNet?

Unlimited data lets you unlock cloud solutions like data backup, managed private networks, Internet security, and software-as-a-service to keep your business ICT running seamlessly 24/7

Is fast data download mission critical for your business? We provision plans at the 50Mbps, 100Mbps, and 250Mbps speed tiers to suit even the most bandwidth hungry business applications

Crowded Internet is as bad for business as traffic gridlock. Unlike other telcos, we don’t over subscribe our plans and we tell you how many subscribers share your bandwidth  

Our 100% Australian Service Desk team and SLA upgrade options will help keep your business connected. Get expert local support and advice from our trusted partners wherever you do business

Take the headache out of connecting multiple sites into a single resilient and secure managed private network. We'll connect you to your business assets and people, wherever they are

Not all Internet providers are unbiased. We’ll help your business achieve the best connectivity solution available anywhere in Australia whether you’re on nbn™ wireless, copper, or fibre technology

Case Studies

Catholic Education Tasmania

Students can access world class online learning no matter where their school is located, thanks to a dependable superfast network from TasmaNet using nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet dedicated fibre.


Growing Tasmanian online business MyTyreSite.com.au is competing nationally and internationally thanks to dependable, symmetrical, high-speed Internet delivered over dedicated fibre.

How Enterprise Ethernet can help you

Improved student access to high-quality digital education resources, and workplace productivity gains are some of the benefits nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is delivering for TasmaNet customers.

Enterprise Ethernet was a logical choice for MyTyreSite. I've got 15 people relying on good connectivity and every outage is a loss to the business, so being able to get a single pipeline means we no longer have to share our connection. We opted to start with a smaller pipeline and I see us upgrading that pipeline as the business grows.

Jared Mendham, General Manager, MyTyreSite.com.au


Speeds can be affected by factors within our control, such as the contention ratio of the service, and factors beyond our control, such as the content being downloaded by the end-user, your distance and the quality of the copper from the node or basement for services using FTTN and FTTB nbn™ connection technology, the location of your Wi-Fi router/modem, and the number of connected devices running through your router at the same time.

Use these guidelines to help you select the right plan speed to meet your expectations:

  • The nbn™ 50/20 Mbps speed tier suits 2-4 users streaming video, running multiple applications, or working from home
  • The nbn™ 100/40 Mbps speed tier accommodates multiple users actively online at the same time, using video conferencing and downloading and uploading large files
  • The nbn™ 250/100 Mbps speed tier powers business grade cloud solutions, high bandwidth applications, and large numbers of users
  • The nbn™ Fixed Wireless Plus wholesale tier aims to deliver the maximum potential wholesale speed the network is capable of delivering at the time of use, however actual service speeds may be impacted by network congestion on the nbn™ Fixed Wireless network and no performance guarantee is offered.

Ask us about Quality of Service (QoS) upgrade options to optimise your TasmaNet nbn™ plan for multiple VoIP phone lines and video conferencing.

Actual speeds of FTTN/C/B services will be confirmed after connection. TasmaNet will provide remedies to customers not able to achieve expected nbn™ performance, including the opportunity to move to an alternate plan or to cancel the service within the minimum term without penalty.

If your premises has previously been connected to the nbn™ broadband access network, standard connection takes 1-5 business days and is usually completed within the first 24 hours. New connections to the nbn™ broadband access network will require a connection appointment which is typically scheduled within 2 and 20 business days, dependent upon the availability of nbn™ technicians. We will confirm your nbn™ connection appointment after receiving your service application.

No, you can bring your own! Note that, if your modem is not on our Supported BYO Modem list, the TasmaNet Service Desk team will not be able to diagnose or provide support for hardware issues with your service and may refer you to the manufacturer's instructions for your modem.

No, but you are responsible for ensuring that the modem meets the required standard and is correctly configured. If your nbn™ connection technology is FTTN/B/C, your modem will need to support VDSL2+. The TasmaNet Service Desk cannot provide support for modems that have not been purchased from TasmaNet unless they appear on our Supported BYO Modem list, and may refer you to the manufacturer’s instructions for your modem.

Two Modem options are available for purchase at a special discount price + $15 flat rate postage to anywhere in Australia:

  1. D-Link DVA-2800 $199 (RRP $329.95) Superior dual band Wi-Fi performance with full Gigabit Interface

  2. D-Link DSL-G225 $99 (RRP $129.95) N300 Wi-Fi performance with dedicated Gigabit Ethernet WAN port

All Modems purchased from TasmaNet are covered by the manufacturers' warranty. 

No, all TasmaNet Business, Home Office, and Friends & Family Internet plans have a $0 connection fee and can be cancelled by providing 30 days notice. If you are in a new development area and not already connected to the nbn™ broadband access network, a New Development Charge may also be applied by nbn™. Any applicable charges will be itemised at checkout before you confirm your purchase.

If a 12-month contract is more suitable for you, please contact our Sales Team to discuss your requirements so we can best help you.     

Some devices normally connected to a phone line will need to be registered with nbn™ directly such as medical alarms, monitored fire alarms, and lift emergency phones. Other devices to consider are security systems, fax and teletypewriter devices, EFTPOS terminals, health claim terminals, and existing landline phone services. We recommend contacting your current provider or manufacturer to ensure your specific device or service is compatible. To register your devices, visit the nbn™ website.

Learn more about upgrading your phone service or contact the TasmaNet Sales Team.

TasmaNet does not offer priority assistance services to customers with a life-threatening medical condition. If you require this service, contact Telstra.

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