TasmaNet Business Internet - Built Just For Business

Quality internet is essential for every business but not all internet plans are built for business. Unlike the big telcos, we're business internet specialists. TasmaNet Business Internet is built for customers that know that advertised download speeds don't mean much if your business data is competing with the neighbourhood Netflix traffic over a connection with too many subscribers. 

Business Capacity

If your business depends on 24/7 superfast connectivity, TasmaNet delivers symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps using nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet technology. Ask us today how you can upgrade to dedicated end-to-end fibre at your business, anywhere in Australia within the nbn™ fixed line footprint - and you'll be amazed at how cost-effective fibre installation can be! 

Business Standard

If you're looking for great value business grade nbn™ delivered over FTTN/B/P or Fixed Wireless connections, TasmaNet provisions services on speed tiers from 50 - 250 Mbps. We're an accredited nbn™ Wholesale Service Provider so we control congestion at every level of the network to ensure that your nbn™ service delivers the business outcomes you expect. 

Connect Your Business Sites

We're also expert at building resilient and secure Managed Private Networks using the best connectivity options available, including the TasmaNet Wireless network we built to connect rural businesses left stranded by the big players.

TasmaNet Business Internet Pricing

Fixed Wireless: We are currently reviewing our Fixed Wireless plans - please contact us for more information on how we can best service you.

Business Standard 100$200 per month

  • 100/40 nbn™ Speed Tier
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • 30:1 Contention Ratio
  • Free Wi-Fi Modem
  • $0 Connection Fee
  • FTTN FTTB FTTP HFC Connections
  • Minimum Cost $2,400 over 12 months
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Business Standard 250$400 per month

  • 250/100 nbn™ Speed Tier
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • 30:1 Contention Ratio
  • Free Wi-Fi Modem
  • $0 Connection Fee
  • FTTP Connections
  • Minimum Cost $4,800 over 12 months
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Why choose TasmaNet Business Internet?

Unlimited Data

Unlock cloud solutions like data backup, managed private networks, internet security, and software-as-a-service to keep your business ICT running seamlessly 24/7.

Select Your Speed

Is fast data download mission critical for your business? We provision plans at the 50Mbps, 100Mbps, and 250Mbps tiers to suit even the most bandwidth hungry business application.

Uncrowded Connections

Crowded internet is as bad for business as traffic gridlock. Unlike other telcos, we don’t over subscribe our plans and we tell you how many subscribers share your bandwidth.

Network Multiple Sites

Take the headache out of connecting multiple sites into a single resilient and secure managed private network. We'll connect you to your business assets wherever they are.

Local Customer Service

Our 100% Australian customer service team is ready assist you with all enquiries. Get expert local support and advice from our trusted service partners wherever you do business.

Network Technology

Not all nbn™ connections are equal. We connected the first Enterprise Ethernet service in Australia, and we’ll help you get the best outcome whether you’re on wireless, copper, or fibre.

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Special Business Grade nbn™ & Business Voice Offer!

In conjunction with the launch of our new TasmaNet Business Voice product, our account managers are in a position to offer bundled pricing for our Business nbn™ and Business Voice products.