TasmaNet’s data centre services offer world-class independently owned facilities and high bandwidth access, in a highly secure and resilient environment. We offer a range of services for organisations of all sizes, allowing you to choose a flexible, scalable solution to meet your infrastructure needs.


Our data centres range from basic co-location facilities (tier 1) to a highly secure tier 2+ data centre with full redundancy for power, data connections and services.


Our Tasmanian based facilities are located in the coolest year round climate in Australia, slashing power demands for environmental controls.  Our day-to-day power is sourced from Tasmania’s non-emitting, sustainable, pollution free hydro electricity.


What are the benefits of using TasmaNet’s data centre services?

  • Improve business efficiency, enabling re-focussing of resources on core business activities
  • Reduce the risk of business interruption
  • Cost effective, high value services.  Cool climate means lower demand on environment systems, lowering costs and risks of hardware stress
  • Powered by sustainable, carbon free Tasmanian hydro electricity
  • Better manage costs for ICT infrastructure by flattening expenditure pattern, reducing peaks in capital expenditure and shifting costs off balance sheet
  • Responsive and secure corporate systems and data, highly resilient and redundant
  • Special pricing packages for Internet and data communications links to the Data Centre.


Learn more about our Data Centre Services:

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